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The authors who have contributed to the Bite-Sized Books portfolio are business people expert in their own fields or people who have had an experience they wish to share.

They have a variety of backgrounds, in consultancy, in management, in business development, as entrepreneurs, as survivors, and they all share a passion to communicate the fruits of their experience, providing their readers with insights and approaches that work in the real world.

Their major focus is on providing readable, easy to absorb, straightforward books that will provide immediate solutions while at the same time offering a resource that readers will return to again and again.



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After many years in international business working for a range of IT and IT Services companies, Paul set up a consultancy, Onshore Offshore Ltd, focused initially on outsourcing and offshoring. Over time, the consultancy expanded to cover further business areas including process design, business development, customer engagement, staff engagement, executive search, and market entry in numerous countries.

Paul's business books encompass technical works on Unix and MSDOS through to international business, including business plan and business case development.

He has a Ph.D. in the novels of George Eliot, taught English, and in business enjoys most of all working in cross-cultural environments.




Starting his professional career as a geophysicist and geodesist in marine seismic exploration, Matthew then spent many years in system and database design, development and implementation.

During this latter period he recognised the need to understand fully the requirement prior to the commencement of any corporate change, process improvement or system design/development, leading him down the path to Enterprise Architecture (EA) modelling and analysis. EA modelling encompasses strategy, business, process, system, information and technology architectures. This holistic understanding can lead to significant process improvement and economies.

Matthew founded Proforma UK Ltd to provide EA training and consultancy services and brings many years of experience to his writing. How a company actually functions is surprisingly little understood by that company, even by its process owners, and Matthew’s clarity of thought and knowledge can readily identify and resolve the most intractable issues. He specialises in using object-oriented, repository-based, simulation-capable, Enterprise Architecture modelling tools.



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Phil has worked in IT for over thirty years, just over half of which has been as a project manager. He started out as an application programmer, progressed to systems analyst, then systems programmer, and finally via a sideways move into project management.

Phil has always felt disappointed with the prescribed standard project management approach. Traditional thinking concentrates on the project and project management, rather than the project manager and the management of staff, so he has developed a pragmatic and psychological approach to the role which is reflected in his writing.

Whichever industry sector you work in, being a project manager means dealing with people. Phil’s professional qualifications are actually secondary to what he believes are fundamental to the job - getting the best from people. He believes the people with whom you work are, variously, intelligent or thick, funny or sad, inspired or set in their ways, challenging or accepting, easy-going or hard work, co-operative or bloody-minded, and finds he gets the best results by managing these people-traits first and projects second.




Following a B.Sc. in Physics at the University of London, Robert has over 30 years’ experience in the information technology industry including ten years in operations director roles with multinational IT service firms. He is a strong proponent of agile methods and has spent the last two years working with the Scrum project management framework adapted for business change management.

Robert has a passion for business agility and a desire to encourage companies to adopt agile principles across their business operations. He has worked with a range of client companies bogged-down with challenged projects that have used the waterfall methodology, either knowingly or by default, or dealing with morale breakdown following the implementation of high utilisation, factory style, resourcing solutions. He offers a different way forward that is positive and effective.




Don has worked in the computer industry for forty years, selling internationally, reluctantly managing sales people, and creating a successful career with all the rewards of exceeding his sales targets year on year. His approach has always been to learn from his colleagues, his customers and especially from his wife and family.

He takes a no-nonsense approach to life, believes that sales are the key to everything in business and, whether it is computer hardware or vegetables, sofas or cars, selling is simple, straightforward and energising.

He thinks that fun is at the heart of selling and combines serious thought with light-hearted observations, especially around the importance of working smarter rather than longer.




With over 30 years' experience in Finance, IT and Commercial & Supplier Relationship Management, Richard has accumulated a vast amount of expertise in developing partnerships, creating supplier framework agreements and managing commercial negotiations to deliver some significant IT programmes in the UK and US for a FTSE 20 company.

Also responsible for developing the commercial structure for one of the first large multi-source IT programmes involving 5 global delivery partners, which supported the successful delivery of a critical and complex portfolio of projects.

More recently, he has undertaken a number of consulting and interim outsourcing assignments, supporting (exclusively) client-side or supply-side activities. Richard has also utilised his extensive business network to support Kindled Spirit, an anti-human trafficking charity (registered in the UK) supporting the victims of trafficking, especially children, primarily in India.




Tim is a specialist in the design and implementation of big-ticket projects in the education, learning and skills sectors. As well as being a creator of new education markets, he is an educator himself and an author.

For many years, Tim was Business Development Director at CfBT Education Trust, a leading, not-for-profit, international education company that was a prime mover in opening up education and skills markets that were previously dominated by the public sector.

During his career, he has led bid teams in winning c£500 million of contracts and acquisitions. He is now Director of his own education investment and consultancy company, Sagacium Limited.



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Nigel has over 30 years experience in designing and delivering great customer service for all sizes and types of business – covering sales, marketing, product design, channel development, administration and retention. Although he describes himself as 'just a simple Yorkshireman', with over 20 years spent working for large corporates, his skill lies in being able to understand quickly how a business process works, how it impacts customers and how to make it simpler and better.

In 2014 he set up Simply Customer, which specialises in mapping customer journeys to show where businesses are losing sales, customers or generating queries and complaints, then redesigning the journeys and helping the business to deliver the change, giving them more, happier customers who buy more and stay longer. The company also help businesses to continually monitor customer satisfaction and feedback, making sure that they continue to deliver great service and profits.




Ian has held several technical, commercial and leadership roles in large technology companies including FIS Corp, Misys Plc, Unisys Corp, AST Computer and CA Inc and is Lead Advisor for Obsidian, a cloud computing start-up which helps small fund managers to automate investor relations. He is currently Managing Director for Ingenico Europe North.

Author of “Strategic Outsourcing: Exploiting the Skills of Third Parties” (Hodder and Stoughton, 2002), Ian is also a fellow of both the British Computer Society (FBCS) and the RSA.




Regina attended her first yoga class in 1999 and was astonished by the intensity of the workout. She was a mother of two toddlers at the time and in need of physical exercise as well as something to ground herself mentally and emotionally. She found yoga (actually, yoga found her) and she has never looked back.

After many years of practice, Regina realised that yoga is a way of life and decided to become a yoga teacher so that she could help others share this experience.




A retail professional with a long track-record in IT management and consultancy, Carlos developed his career both in customer-facing retail and retail IT consulting for brands such Mango, Wipro and Nielsen, holding positions encompassing strategy, business consultancy, solution definition, innovation and business development.

Additionally, he is an Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona, conducting the Master Retail Fashion course. He believes that mobile IT technology is the key asset needed to achieve competitive advantages for the business.




Marcos is an entrepreneur specialising in IT and in his early professional career realised that technology is a commodity whereas the true added-value is to be found in understanding the customer, helping each business to find the right approach and deliver the right solution.

He has a degree in Information Systems, a post-graduate degree in Marketing and an MBA. He spreads his time between his own startups, mentoring younger entrepreneurs in their own projects, and working for IT companies such as IBM, Novabase, GFI, Portugal Telecom and SONAE Group.




David spent 21 years working for two of the ‘Big Four’ professional service firms, Arthur Andersen and PwC, before becoming a freelance trainer in 2002. He delivers training in a wide variety of topics, including leadership and management development, coaching, mentoring, change management, communication skills, business networking, influencing techniques and confidence building.

He is a NLP practitioner, has Diplomas in Training & Development and in Hypnotherapy, is a Fellow of the British Institute for Learning and Development, a Member of the Institute for Leadership and Management, and is an accredited CMI and ILM trainer and DISC trainer.

A prolific author, David has published 13 books, scores of journal articles and (as a former professional musician) over 800 pieces of music. Two of his books won publishers’ bestseller awards and an e-learning package which he co-designed won two international awards.




Anna is a Belgian citizen resident in Cape Town. Starting out as a French and Spanish teacher in Belgium and Swaziland, she moved to Cuba to work for the Flemish Government as a project manager for educational projects. Her work for the Flemish Government then brought her to South Africa.

She suffered terrible injuries in a car accident in 2007 whilst working in South Africa and is now rebuilding her life and trying to discover life's meaning.




Arthur Worrell was born in 1904, attended grammar school, was apprenticed as a Printer and eventually became a Reader, proofing books and magazines including highly specialised scientific journals. At the outbreak of war in 1939 the company's staff were made redundant and, five months later, with five children to feed, he joined-up at the mature age of 35.

He was shipped out to France in April 1940 just before the collapse of France and, never having fired a gun in anger (he didn’t even have a rifle), was almost immediately captured by the Germans and spent the rest of the war as a PoW in terrible conditions.

Once back in England he returned to his old job as a Reader in the printing industry, learned to drive in his fifties, had his sixth child and, after the death of his wife, went into a nursing home where he was one of the very few male residents.

He never told anyone about his war-time experiences until in 1984, Paul Davies, over five days, recorded his memories.




Christian Wolmar is an award-winning author and broadcaster specialising in transport. He reached the short-list of potential Labour candidates for the 2016 London mayoral election.

His many books, including a history of the London Underground and one on the Trans-Siberian Railway, and his trenchant and stimulating articles on transport and transport policy, provided a base for his campaign that took in many wider issues.




Gillian Perry has been a leader in the field of Change Management for over 15 years. She is currently advising on Change Management and is the CMI (Change Management Institute) co-lead for the UK and accreditation lead in the UK. She has worked in the utilities industry and banking industry advising on change management. During that time she has managed and advised major change programmes across international businesses.

She has a diverse skill set with a significant number of years working within the IT business in technical and non-technical roles and has expertise in IT strategy, outsourcing, governance and resource management. She has also worked in corporate HR, working with leaders on organisation design, change, employee engagement, talent management and leadership both in the UK and US.




Ian Hucker has over 34 years experience working in the Utility sector where he has managed major business change and IT Transformation programmes utilising a wide range of market leading technologies and delivery processes. He has also worked extensively with multiple offshore partners and has a proven track record of delivering projects on time and to budget.

Qualified in Management Studies, Ian has spent significant time developing multiple business cases, programme definitions and benefit realisation plans. Pretty much all of Ian's career has been spent managing change of one form or another, from working on major business change programmes to delivering IT programmes and projects of all different shapes, sizes and complexities. His venture into the world of outsourcing has been one of the biggest changes and most rewarding periods of Ian's career.

Ian’s achievements include leading the team that won the ‘Team of the Year’ in the 2008 Utilities Week Achievement Awards and was a finalist in the British Computing Society (BCS) ‘Project Manager of the Year’ in the same year.




Originally from a remote historical Chinese town, Maiqi grew up up in an era that saw China undergoing a rapid transformation - from the poverty of the Post-Cultural Revolution period, to 1978’s reforms and opening up; from a growing awareness of western philosophy and the liberation of thought during the 1980s to the revival of traditional cultures in late 1990s; from a purely state owned and planned economy to privatisation and capitalisation; from a third world country to a world powerhouse.

Maiqi holds an MSc in Management gained in China, and an MA in Education from the UK. She has a deep understanding of both Chinese and western cultures and a solid knowledge of business structures. She is delighted to bring audiences her fresh and comprehensive perspective of doing business with China.




Eben Black was a national newspaper journalist for the best part of 20 years, working in the Houses of Parliament. He worked, in order, for the Press Association, the National News Agency, The Sun, Today, the News of the World (before they invented phone hacking, Your Honour) and the Sunday Times. He had the dubious distinction of being the Political Editor of the News of the World, and the even more dubious one of being deputy on the Sunday Times.

He moved from journalism into lobbying and PR with the country’s largest law firm, DLA Piper, where he advised clients on reputation management and political engagement. He now runs EruditePR, a PR, public affairs and lobbying agency.




Elena is a strong believer that we learn best through communication and experiences. Fascinated by how technology has evolved and empowered the communication process, her area of interest and research has become virtual teams. As a strong supporter of remote working practices, she is devoted to tackling the challenges of the digital workforce and providing practical tips for their solution.

Following her master studies in International Business and Emerging Markets at the University of Edinburgh, Elena has been working remotely both as a freelancer and as a part of different types of virtual structures from outsourced teams, Extended Office Model to networked teams. Drawing on her experience, she writes about the potential hurdles of remote working in terms of communication bottlenecks, cultural clashes, and lack of team cohesion. Most importantly, she derives from real-life examples how to overcome these challenges and unleash the true potential of virtual teams.




Saibal Sen was born in India where he did his schooling and undergraduate degree in Electronics Engineering. He then moved to England for his Masters in Information Systems from the London School of Economics. His first job was as a software engineer in networking products for Digital Equipment Corporation in UK and France, and later became a technology consultant in the US office.

He transitioned to a Management Consulting job at Arthur D. Little in Cambridge, USA where he provided IT roadmaps for CXO level management for the Global 1000 companies. In 1995 he created his own consultancy firm, KUBER, that specialised in vendor selection and new technology deployment. His current company, ZENeSYS, founded in 2005, specialises in analytics-driven Vendor Management solutions. He lives in the vibrant and historical mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts, USA.




Born in Atlanta and raised in Miami, Christopher is a graduate of Christopher Columbus Catholic High School for Boys (Miami, FL), and the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL), where he majored in English and won varsity letters in track and field.

After graduation, he taught high school English and drama in Jacksonville, FL, and coached track and cross-country teams before turning his attention to journalism.

Christopher has had a varied career in education, and consumer and trade journalism. Currently, he is editor-in-chief of HosfordGroup LLC, a New York content marketing agency specializing in strategic marketing consulting and the development and application of sales and marketing content in support of programs and campaigns.

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